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Some stories from history are just plain graphic. From murders to mutilations, there is never a lack of graphic material from history.

February 20, 2021
The Tulsa Race Massacre
Everything Burns
On the night of May 31, 1921, the town of Tulsa, Oklahoma was the site of a gruesome and intense racial extermination. How and why did this happen?
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October 31, 2020
The Atrocities of Unit 731
Unit 731 was a Japanese WWII research and experimentation facility where a number of depraved and sadistic acts took place. We take a hard look at its creation and ultimate downfall.
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October 24, 2020
Black Fingers and Rectum Bleeding
Plagues have been apart of the human experience for thousands of years. We decided to cover a few of the most deadly from history (but not Covid-19).
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October 17, 2020
Liver-Eating Johnson
The Mountain Man Cannibal
Liver-Eating Johnson was the epitome of a mountain man, although not all mountain men are cannibals. In this article, we cover Johnson's brutal life along with all the liver-eating bits.
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October 10, 2020
Julius Caesar
Blinded by Blood
In this article, we’ll be taking our Unfortunate History chariots back in time to the land of togas, gladiators, and being fed grapes on day beds as we discuss the one and only Gaius Julius Caesar.
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August 31, 2020
Unfortunate Hollywood
Superman was a Murderer
Hollywood is full of terribly unfortunate moments, including murders, beheadings, and more than a few curses. Who knew the place where dreams go to die would be so violent?
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August 24, 2020
Viking Torture
Inventive, To say the Least
Vikings were a very interesting culture, but not as interesting as their various forms of torture.
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August 10, 2020
Delphine LaLaurie
The Stirring of Brains
Delphine LaLaurie was a Creole socialite in New Orleans who allegedly murdered hundreds of African American slaves. This article is deep-dive into her life and awful crimes.
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August 4, 2020
Mike "the Durable" Malloy
He. Just. Won't. Die.
It was a very cold winter in New York City when the Murder Trust decided to kill Michael Malloy. Although, they had no idea just how difficult that was going to be.
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June 13, 2020
Lorena Bobbitt
Yanked it Right Off
Lorena Bobbitt shocked the world in the early 90s when she injured her husband in an...inventive way. This story caused the world to take a hard look at domestic violence, and also caused a flurry of jokes on nearly every talk show around the world.
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June 10, 2020
Twilight Zone Accident
Dead in the Water
The “Twilight Zone Accident” was a deadly incident that occurred during the filming of the Twilight Zone Movie. This incident killed three people, including two children. The tragedy also caused wide changes in the film industry at large.
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June 4, 2020
The Murder of Emmett Till
14-year-old African American Emmett Till was brutally murdered on 28 August 1955. The details of his murder are infuriating, as are the reasons why it occurred. But even more infuriating were the punishments handed out to the child's murderers.
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May 30, 2020
Billy the Kid
Dying in Your Socks
This article is the final in our Billy the Kid series and covers the downfall of the famous Wild West Outlaw.

Read Part 1 now.
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May 24, 2020
Billy the Kid
Brains and Blood
Billy the Kid was one of the Wild West's most infamous criminals. We cover Billy's life from start to finish, letting you know all about the amazing criminal.
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May 20, 2020
Tsutomu Yamaguchi
The Atomic Man
Tsutomu Yamaguchi was in Hiroshima on the day it was bombed by the US with the dropping of Little Boy, the first atomic bomb ever used in armed conflict. If that wasn't worse enough, he was also in Nagasaki days later when the second atomic bomb was dropped. This article discusses his life and the terrible details of both days.
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May 16, 2020
The Murder of James Bulger
James Bulger was a 2-year-old child who was kidnapped, tortured, and eventually murdered on the 12th of February, 1993. His murderers Robert Thompson and Jon Venables were both ten years old at the time of James’ death, and their gruesome attack turned them both into social pariahs, with many describing them as total monsters.
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